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Mending A Heart Foundation, Inc. helps heal families after tragedy. It takes a holistic approach to providing counseling, legal services and more. Mending A Heart will also assist families emotionally, financially, administratively and spiritually. The nonprofit's goals are to restore grieving families, empower at-risk youth and transition inmates before and after they re-enter society.

The power of the number 33 is at the center of the foundation which started in honor of LaShawn Rivera and the El Faro crew. Thirty-three men and women lost their lives when the cargo ship sank in the Bermuda Triangle on October 1, 2015 during Hurricane Joaquin. 

The number 33 is powerful.  It is the number of promise. Mending A Heart knows there are now 33 rays of sunlight shining brighter on this earth.



Mending A Heart was founded in honor of LaShawn Rivera, the chief cook on the EL Faro which sank on October 1, 2015. Members of the board of directors celebrate his life and strive to help bring closure and healing to all of the families affected. They believe the search was directed at the ship, cargo and black box, but not the men and women presumed perished.

Faith, hope and love are major components of Mending A Heart. The foundation's board and its supporters want to bring LaShawn and the crew home.

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Mending A Heart's goal is to heal the heart that is broken after tragedy occurs. Families may feel helpless and hopeless. Mending A Heart is here to help. You can assist too. Please learn how you can take action and help with the Victims Assistance Program, After-School Program and Nonviolent Re-entry Program.

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