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This foundation is in honor of our son, LaShawn Rivera, the Chief Cook on the EL Faro which sank on 10/1/15. We have established this foundation to celebrate his life and to help bring closure and healing to all of the families. Mending A Heart will initiate, fund and direct continued search efforts for the missing crew as a rescue or recovery mission. We believe the search was directed at the ship, cargo and black box but not the men presumed perished. We want to bring them home. We will also assist families emotionally, financially, administratively and spiritually to help provide healing and closure with these families.

Our goal is to be engaged in "MENDING HEARTS" torn by events that may leave you feeling helpless and hopeless. The efforts of "Mending A Heart" will continue to assist other families of missing children and adults after the EL Faro crew members are found.

The symbol of a Heart with a crevice in the center appears broken, but is actually Mending. We believe the gap in the Heart is where God Stands that we may Stand through what appears to be a broken situation. We sincerely hope and pray that you will be an integral part of these efforts.

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